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Welcome to Topic Tuesday!

Welcome to #TopicTuesday!

Every Tuesday we are going to be talking about everything from social media and marketing to all aspects of life! Whether it’s what content we should be planning to what our favorite pens are get ready to talk about it. I mean we know it's serious business if I was willing to put my face on camera for it.

This week we are starting with what I know best: SOCIAL MEDIA!

We all face challenges with social media, whether it's our full-time job, something we do for our business or just something we do for fun. What are your biggest challenges?

• Is it developing content?

• Is it not having enough time?

• Is it the dreaded burnout happening?

• Is it hating the entire idea of social media and wishing you could pretend it didn't exist?

So we've got a good news bad news situation. The good news is most of your challenges are solvable. The bad news is that you really can't pretend that social media doesn't exist if you have a business. Having a social media presence is no longer optional. The options you do have is how you utilize it, what your goals from social are, what channels you exist on, and what your content you're creating.

Head to Facebook and share your challenges in the comments on the above video! This will help you crowd source some answers. You can also leave your challenges in the comments here. Not sure you're ready to share your challenges with the world? Email me at and we can find some solutions for your problems together.

Don't worry, I'm not just asking you to divulge your innermost thoughts without being transparent and sharing mine because yes, I have challenges with social media despite being a full-time Social Media Strategist. Mine is that I often forget to treat HeyGiud like a client. I get busy enough creating content for everyone else and forget to do my own which leaves me with weeks on end of just motivation Monday quotes which is NOT what I want. While a lot of people who follow me are business owners who need information on social media not everyone is. Some of you are here for the quotes, the funny holidays and the cat photos. To tackle this challenge I built a very robust content calendar for HeyGiud this month and have committed to not blowing it off every day in favor of stepping away from my desk a few minutes early. Part of that plan for March was launching this.

While I'm proud of myself for accomplishing this, and even adding at as a blog, there are so many more things on my list that need to be done. I need to make sure that I'm holding myself accountable for my social media the same way I would for a client. This is hard because I typically focus the bulk of my time on getting everything for my clients done and by the end of the day I just want to log off, fall into the couch, and binge watch something on Netflix. Clearly you can tell Schitt's Creek is a favorite of mine with the GIFs in today's blog.

So know that you know your challenges are solvable, where do we start? Let's get you the answers you are looking for.

Best Wishes!


Do you have a topic that you'd LOVE to discuss as part of a future Topic Tuesday? Email me at and let me know. Leave it in the comments. Message me on social. I want to create valuable content for YOU.

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