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#TuesdayTunes Olympic Edition - 8.9.16

don't know about you but I've got Olympic Fever! I've always been someone who consumes the Olympics in mass quantity. I remember being 12 years old with a little boombox that I had with a 3" TV in it that could get a few stations with the antenna watching the Atlanta Olympics in my bedroom in the middle of the night hiding under my covers hoping not to get caught by my parents.

In modern times I have every alert set on my phone by the apps, follow athletes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and have the apps open while I'm working to watch the Olympics Live Stream via NBC Sports. It's an event that brings our world together to celebrate the most dedicated athletes among us.

And this year's is special to me. Rio is on my travel bucket list. I'm not much of a world traveler, I've never actually left the Continental US but I'd sell a portion of my soul to visit Rio. It's beauty, it's culture and who am I to lie, it's caipirinhas are enticing. I even made one to celebrate the opening ceremonies over the weekend. Maybe someday I will get there. But until then I will just search online for pictures and soak up every moment of the Olympics that I can.

So this week's Tuesday Tunes has an Olympic theme. I know. I know. I just picked a Katy Perry song for my niece's birthday. But as Katy was also chosen as the official theme song of the NBC Olympics she gets to make a return appearance to the Tuesday Tunes playlist with the anthemic "Rise". Hop on over to YouTube and watch her video because it's pretty awesome. But I'm choosing the video put together by NBC to highlight the Olympics. 

Good luck to the athletes from every country as they participate in the Olympic games. 

As always enjoy the video and subscribe to the playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

Until next week....GO USA! 

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