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#TuesdayTunes - 7.19.16

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Today is another nostalgic Tuesday for me when it comes to the music fueling my work. There are a few bands that defined my youth. I've already touched on Blink 182 and I know that the remainder will make an appearance on the blog in the future. Today being one of those days. 

July 15th marked the release of the new album "Youth Authority" by Waldorf, MD natives Good Charlotte. The first poster I remember hanging in my dorm room my freshman year at Central College was of Good Charlotte. Tattoos, piercings, mohawks and all. That was the lone poster that made it to every dorm room I had...all six of them. I had 2 different rooms freshman year and senior year, if I learned one thing in college it was that me and roommates aren't the greatest idea. I am very much a creature of habit and like to be alone. Good Charlotte always gave me a song to sing along to, was the soundtrack to many road trips, and somehow found the lyrics to explain my angst. "Youth Authority" is the first NEW Good Charlotte record since Cardiology was released in 2010 and they announced their hiatus in 2011. Needless to say I've waited a long time for this album. 

As a Good Charlotte fan I consumed what I could during their hiatus. The Madden Brothers released two albums, one a free mixtape released online and their debut full-length, "Greetings from California". They appeared on tracks for other bands and there's always the YouTube videos of The Voice Australia. But 2015 brought the announcement that I, and GC fans worldwide had been waiting for, the hiatus was over and new music was coming. A single was released last fall and they hit the road for a few dates. And then Friday I got the record I'd spent the last 6 years waiting for, "Youth Authority". 

This week's Tuesday Tune is "Life Can't Get Much Better" off of the new record. It's a bit of a flashback to old GC and the video is a compilation of videos backstage, on stage, and behind the scenes in each of the five members' lives. Wives, kids, siblings. Keep your eyes peeled for a great Madden family photo featuring the twins, their brother and sister and the next generation, all of their kids. It's always nice when you grow up with a band, it's even better when they stick around to do it with you.

Enjoy the video, listen on repeat like I've been doing on the Apple Musicof Spotifyplaylists. You can also purchase a digital copy, the physical CDor vinyl record on Amazon or your local retailer. 

Until next week...

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