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#TuesdayTunes - 6.14.16

A new feature that we are starting with the launch of our brand new website is #TuesdayTunes. HeyGiud Communications was after all named after "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. Music is the driving force of my work and life. I am not often working on client projects, blogs, or developing anything I put my name on without some music playing in the background. If you have suggestions for new music we should be listening to send it our way! We just might feature it on #TuesdayTunes in the future.

Today's choice is a bit more subdued than what you will normally see. The old story of listen to classical music while you study and you will do better on the test is being used today. As I finish up a capstone project for a specialization I've spent my time working on since December I am listening to a playlist I've built through Apple Music of every soundtrack to the films of the Harry Potter series. What better way to kick off #TuesdayTunes than the same way Universal Studios kicked off The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park in Los Angeles. Enjoy the below video of the grand opening show with music conducted by arguably the most amazing film score producer, John Williams. The light show that Universal Studios put together for the theme park is worth the few minutes. So stop and enjoy the Los Angeles Philharmonic performing the Harry Potter Suite.

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