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Tuesday Tip: Content Creation - Work in Bulk

#TuesdayTip is back in full force, and July's theme is Content Creation. Each week I'll give you tips on how to make Content Creation easier on you, especially if you're a small social media team or doing all of your social media yourself.

DON'T DO THIS: Create content daily without previous preparation.

INSTEAD, TRY THIS: Create content in bulk. This works for design, photos, and videos.

This week we are talking about Bulk Content Creation, my favorite way to create. There are so many benefits to Bulk Content Creation.

  1. It saves you time. You've already created your content calendar, have your ideas of content, and are ready with a list of everything you need to make. Doing one thing at a time will inevitably take longer because you need to find the list, get all your links ready, come up with an idea for the visual, get your camera and photo props set up, or get your lighting and video ready. If you do it in bulk, you're only doing the tedious steps once for a week's worth of content, or if you're bold, two weeks, a month, or even an entire campaign.

  2. Your content ends up being more cohesive. By creating in bulk, you can keep your visuals similar, reference other posts is easier, and make sure your voice sounds similar between the posts. This all adds up to having content that flows well together and reflects your brand better.

  3. If you're shooting video, you can work your nerves out faster! I don't know about you, but I create a lot less video than I know I should and than Facebook or Instagram would like me to. Anxiety about being on camera, how my voice sounds, how I look, and every other excuse imaginable pops into my head, and I end up not doing video. Not only am I not pleasing the algorithm, but anxiety has also prevented me from creating a TikTok, and as a social media strategist, that's a BIG failure on my part. By shooting multiple videos at once, you're working out the nerves early and creating content you feel more confident about. It also means that if you think you need to get dressed up, do your hair, or put on makeup, you only have to do it once, which is a big time-saver for me because I am pretty sure I forgot how to wear makeup over the last two-ish years.

  4. You are more likely to ACTUALLY USE YOUR CONTENT. This is a huge one because, let's all be honest, if we are having a tough day, struggling from burnout, or are busy with meetings, our social media takes a backseat. We see that to-do list item about a social media post and think about how the world won't end if we miss that one post. Then the next day, the same thing happens, and a cycle begins until you realize it's been a week, two, or more since you posted anything on social. This is something clients, business owners, and creators I meet tell me all the time. They forget to post one day, then two, then three, then they are anxious about restarting their social media because they missed so much, and their social goes idle. If you create your content in bulk, you are more likely to use it because it is ready to go when you are. It also means that if you find yourself with an hour of downtime, you can take those videos, photos, or graphics, do any necessary edits, write the content and get it scheduled.

Having content scheduled out in advance feels SO good, trust me. I know that I function much better if I'm not scrambling to create, design, write, and schedule content the day it is supposed to go up. I'm going to be honest with you, I struggle with it, so I get it when people tell me they struggle. I'm finishing this blog at 7 PM on Tuesday, July 12th - the day it goes live and several hours after it should've been up on social. It won't be the perfect blog, but then I'm reminded by my motto when it comes to social:

Done is better than perfect.

Maybe I need to tell myself that more often, especially when it comes to video.

Are you the type to create your content in bulk? How does it help you?

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