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The Road to a Successful November is Paved with Planning!

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Image is of an empty road lined with trees filled with fall colored leaves and there are leaves on the ground.
Don't you just love an empty road on a fall day? Friday, November 22nd is Go For a Ride Day. Celebrate by taking a road trip somewhere.

Happy November! 

While 2019 feels like it's FLOWN by and that it can't possibly be November, it is. I personally am pretty excited. If I had to pick a favorite month, it might be November. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. That's maybe a weird thing to hear from someone, but it is. My entire family gets together for Thanksgiving. My Dad and step-mom Shari, invite everyone over for a full day of family time, by everyone I meant that they also include my Mom in this day. I don't know a lot of friends who have divorced parents that have this situation; I am pretty lucky.

Thanksgiving also doesn't require gift-giving. While I LOVE giving gifts a holiday where the only thing we need to do is spend time together is my dream. I also get all of my favorite food on Thanksgiving. My step-grandma, Bev, usually makes a turkey. Shari makes THE BEST spiral ham you will ever eat in your life. There are baked goods galore. Perhaps most important to me, as an Italian-American, is the pasta. It's a tradition dating back over 100 years in my family to serve a particular pasta dish during the holidays. Most of my Italian friends grew up with it too. The story of the recipe is for another day, just know that there's a special kind of heaven on Earth when that pasta touches my plate.

Image reads "I'd rather be watching hallmark Christmas movies" in white on a read background.
Hashtag Fact.

I also love November because Hallmark Channel Christmas movies air all day, every day. The Countdown to Christmas started last weekend so I've already seen a few of my favorites, this is the only Christmas before Thanksgiving tradition I take part in because who doesn't love a movie with a happy ending? Major bonus: the weather is cooler (although I'm not sure I was ready for the snow Des Moines got this week) so that I can wear layers and boots. Small Business Saturday when I find all of my favorite shops in Des Moines flooded with people as they shop small and support locally owned businesses. The end of the year may be nearing, but it's the start of a time of year filled with happiness. Although I did joke to a friend yesterday that November is where my normal anxiety switches to my festive holiday anxiety, complete with glitter. It's a stressful time, so later this month, I'm going to give you some of my favorite tips to relieve stress during the holidays.

November can be a struggle for some of us when it comes to social media. If you're in retail you have to be concerned about what your holiday sales and hours are going to look like. Individuals like me struggle to have a solid work/life balance during the holidays. It will just take you a minute to look at that email between dinner and pie. It can't hurt, right? Having your social media plan ready to rock and roll - and scheduled - before your family time arrives is of the utmost importance. It keeps you from trying to come up with last-minute content, doing it at the dinner table on Thanksgiving or in the middle of a Chiefs game causing you to miss that next great play by Mahomes (when he's not injured - UGH) or worse, that you forget it entirely. 

Image is of Patrick Mahomes with his arms raised giving two thumbs up. Text reads: You get a touchdown! You get a touchdown! Everyone gets a touchdown!
If you didn't know, I am a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan. Patrick Mahomes makes watching football fun. Now if he can just not be injured that would be great.

So take a few minutes now, at the beginning of the month, look at your calendar and build your plan. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

• Will my hours be different during the holiday season? Am I closed on any specific dates that I need to make customers/clients aware of? 

• Will my normal networking program be held on the same day this month? Often times you'll see those move or be canceled all together during the holidays, so check out your events calendars first to make sure you don't miss out or don't show up at the wrong time.

• Do I want to do something specific for Thanksgiving? Whether it's telling a unique story about your family traditions, thanking sponsors of your non-profit, or saying a big thank you to the clients you've worked with over the past year it's good to have that figured out, planned and scheduled before the ribbon is cut on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'd hate to have you planning it out and miss Santa Claus as he rides through Herald Square.

• Are there any specials I'm doing for Small Business Saturday? What are they? Make sure that you have those decided early on so that you can start marketing those early on in the month. Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday people schedule their shopping in advance, you don't want them to miss your great sale!

• What crazy hashtag holidays do I need to be celebrating this month? Not sure what holidays there are? Download this helpful guide and find a few to celebrate.

• What crazy hashtag holidays do I need to be celebrating this month? Not sure what holidays there are? Download this helpful guide and find a few to celebrate. 

Need to add something to your calendar that involves networking or an educational opportunity? There so much to do in Des Moines! Here are a few really great opportunities through FuseDSM, Your Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Des Moines Partnership. ing? That's why I exist! Reach out to me via email Your initial one-hour consultation is complimentary. I know social media can seem intimidating, but trust me when I say it doesn't have to be.

Need to add something to your calendar that involves networking or an educational opportunity? There so much to do in Des Moines! Here's a few really great opportunities through FuseDSM, Your Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Des Moines Partnership. 

November 7th: FuseDSM's Feed Your Mind - Get Noticed on Google: Des Moines Business Strategies 

Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company 3600 Army Post Rd. 

Cost: $16/members, $20/non-members

My friend, Andi Fagen with Creative DSM, will be guiding the attendees through search engine optimization, cutting costs for digital ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, and how to leverage your chamber of commerce membership for SEO ROI. She has invited everyone to bring their laptops so they can get started during the session. Bonus to the first 20 registrants, you'll also leave with a new headshot! This event is open to members and non-members of FuseDSM, Your Chamber of Commerce. You can register online by visiting FuseDSM's website.

November 8th: Greater Des Moines Partnership's 2019 Small Business Summit 8 AM - 4 PM

FFA Enrichment Center at DMACC 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway in Ankeny

Cost: $79/members, $99/non-members, $50/students, $550/table of 8

Each year the Greater Des Moines Partnership holds its Annual Small Business Summit. This year there will be three keynote speakers, 19 breakout sessions, and information from 28 resource partners on-site. It's a great day to network with fellow small business owners from Central Iowa and learn about everything from marketing to creating a collaborative culture in your business. You can register online at

November 13th FuseDSM's Monthly Chamber Luncheon: What's New In DSM Transportation? 11:15 AM - 1 PM 

Holiday Inn Downtown 1050 6th Avenue

Cost: $25/member, $30/non-member (no walk-in registration)

This is going to be a really exciting luncheon. Amanda Wanke, Chief of External Affairs with DART, will be joining us to talk about all things public transportation. We will get to hear all about the new mobile ticketing app and fareboxes on buses to wifi on every bus, and a new on-demand pilot partnership with Uber and YellowCab. We will also get to hear about electric buses coming to Des Moines in 2020 and the possibility of electric scooters hitting our city streets. Kevin Foley, Executive Director at the Des Moines International Airport, will also be joining to talk about what is next for our city's airport as well. You can register online at FuseDSM's website.

It's time to kick off November, whether you're ready for it or not. Get your social media plan in place today so you can...

Image is of Ron Popeil the owner of Ronco next to a kitchen appliance with the words "Set it and forget it" written on the image in white.
As a kid I LOVE Infomercials, okay I still do as an adult. I have no idea why but I wanted every product Ronco sold.

If you need me this month, I'll either be attached to my computer, rolling meatballs or snuggled up on the couch with my two furry co-workers watching the Hallmark Channel and nothing else.



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