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Slow Down Sundays: Part 2

I've decided to create a new ritual for myself for July. I'm calling it Slow Down Sundays. What I'm trying to do is create a day where I disconnect from technology and find ways to reconnect with myself, my loved ones, and my hobbies. Hopefully, I stick to it and it becomes a regular thing. To learn more about the purpose behind this check out the first Slow Down Sundays blog.

Last week I'd planned to bust out my watercolors and spend some time working with an art medium I hadn't used in years. But I was tired, burned out, and needed something that required a little less focus. So I grabbed a book I bought several years about that taught brush lettering, grabbed some brush pens, and traced letters for a few hours. It was a great way to zone out and spend time with my Mom while she worked on some new paintings.

I've found myself all week grabbing the brush pens off my desk (of course I ordered a more complete set than the small one I had that came with my book) and lettering for fun. Almost a way to spend some mindful time with myself doing something that requires focus but not a lot of myself. It's been amazing and I'm getting a little bit better, though the above picture is 100% me cheating with a trick I learned from some YouTube videos because I used the highlighter I had in my hand.

My plan for this weekend is baking. I'm actually about to go in the kitchen to bake some cookies as I write this, which I'm not going to lie I'm doing on Friday. Today I'm headed off to celebrate my niece's birthday, somehow my little birdie is turning 10 on Tuesday. So I'm getting my baking and brain break-in when I can.

What's your favorite way to disconnect?


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