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Slow Down Sundays

I've decided to create a new ritual for myself for July. I'm calling it Slow Down Sundays. What I'm trying to do is create a day where I disconnect from technology and find ways to reconnect with myself, my loved ones, and my hobbies. Hopefully, I stick to it and it becomes a regular thing.

On my list for July:

• Time spent reading in my hammock chair on the porch.

• Celebrating World Watercolor Month by digging out my watercolors and rediscovering a love of my childhood.

• Doing some baking, it's been a long time since my hands were in bread dough.

• More time cooking as it's something I'm still falling in love with.

• Explore my vinyl record collection. Digital forms of music are excellent and super handy when working, but vinyl is the perfect way to enjoy music and a great way to disconnect from tech.

• Writing is always on the list of things I wish I had more time for. Technically it requires technology BUT I am going to limit myself to using my laptop and leaving the dining room/my office to write.

I've been flowing in and out of periods of burnout pretty steadily over the last 2+ years. Finding ways to care for and put myself first is not only important, it's imperative to my success both as a human and a business owner. If I'm always on the edge of burnout I'll never feel stable enough to grow in the ways I want to. So Slow Down Sundays are just for that. I hope you'll be inspired to slow down a bit and enjoy your summer with me. If you have any suggestions for me of ways you think I'd enjoy disconnecting and slowing down or your favorite ways to disconnect, feel free to drop them in the comments.


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