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Out of Office Reply

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Life as a freelancer means you can work from anywhere. Which also means, I often do. Weekends aren't weekends anymore. You work when you need to. I may have a day during the week with a little or a lot of work scheduled. I may have a project that needs to be completed on a Sunday. And it also means replying to your emails pretty much constantly. 

Well this weekend is going to be different. My bags are packed. And we hit the road in just over an hour to head to Kansas City! My business clearly doesn't require a Board of Direcrora, but I jokingly came up with one very early on. So this weekend Board of Awesome (see: parents, siblings, best friends) are spending a few days enjoying a city so great that it requires two states!

Kansas City has been one of my favorite places in the world since I was very young. The fountains, the restaurants (sorry not the barbecue), the shopping, and most importantly the Kansas City Chiefs. We will be southbound shortly and spending Sunday at my happy place, Arrowhead Stadium. 

But do not fear! Just because I'm forcing myself to look away from the email inbox does not mean I will be radio silent until Tuesday. You can follow along on social by using the hashtag: #heygiudontheroad! Don't follow my personal accounts on social? Think you're missing a few of the HeyGiud accounts? Find them all here! Want to see what filters Snapchat offers in awesome places in KC? Follow me on Snapchat: 

Ok. Well until Tuesday I guess... Oh and GO CHIEFS!

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