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Meet the Office!

So I've been teasing this for a while and it's finally official. So it's time to talk about it here.

HeyGiud Communications has grown up and moved out of the house! 

I've spent the almost the last year becoming acquainted with The Barnum Factory, this amazing mid-century modern factory that used to be home to Iowa Paint. Since the first time I toured this place in May of 2017 I've wanted to be here. Finally on February 1st I made it happen. You can find me and HeyGiud Communications inside The Plant Manager's Office on the first floor of the office building. It's still a work in progress but let's face it, what in social media and business isn't? 

Well the computers and the Keurig (we all know that was the most important part of an office, right?) have made their way down here. A first week full of meetings has happened. Proposals have been written at the desk. Work is happening in it, it's time to show it to the world.

My desk is all set! And it's seen lots of work already. From the FuseDSM transition to proposals for new clients to a month's worth of content calendars.

My Mom came through with an incredible find on Craigslist of this mid-century modern table and chairs so that there was somewhere to have meetings with clients. She was also kind enough (and talented enough) to recover each of the chairs as the 1950s vinyl had clearly seen better days.

The most important part of any office, in my opinion, the coffee station! And a comfy chair when I need a chance to sneak away from my desk. 

The world's greatest dry erase board! It's all built like graph paper which makes my list making heart so happy. Don't worry....there are checked off boxes on this list. This dry erase board is a piece of  important history to The Barnum Factory as it is original to the building from when it was an operational paint factory.

I am so grateful to Breanne, Aaron, and everyone at The Barnum Factory for welcoming me into this community. Growing up and moving out is something every parent experiences with their kids and this is about the closest thing I can imagine to that. HeyGiud Communications is my baby and what I devote the majority of my life to. When I started HeyGiud in June of 2016 it was a dream come true but I never allowed myself to imagine it would ever be more than working late nights at home and drinking a lot of coffee in local shops for meetings. But here I am less than two years into this adventure writing to you from my desk in my very own office. 

I would love to have people stop by to see this gorgeous building and my tiny corner of it. Feel free to schedule an appointment to stop by via HeyGiud's brand new online scheduling option! 

Now it's time to get back to work!


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