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Meet Karli!

So along with getting an office I got an intern...sorta. Let me explain how this works.

It's time for you to meet Karli Quesinberry, or as I've called her for the last nearly five years, Sparkles.

Karli and I met when we were both hired as Assistant Mangers at Maurices in Altoona in Spring 2013. We hit it off immediately despite the age difference, at the time she was 20 and I was 29. She was fresh out of Iowa State with her BA in Apparel Merchandising and I was re-entering the retail world after nearly 7 years in Corporate America. We shared a love of music, fashion, and the X-Games, specifically the motocross events. It's not often that you meet someone and know instantly you'll be friends but I knew it with her. 

Each of our paths eventually took us different directions but we always kept in touch. Whether it was stopping in to see each other at whatever retail store we'd made it to or her constant reminder of the time she met Josh Hansen and sent me the picture to make me jealous (if you don't know moto that will mean nothing to you) it was always good to catch up with Karli.

In December of last year she contacted me to see if I'd be willing to teach her about what I do at HeyGiud. She and her husband, Clint, were in the process of starting their own business, Q Custom Signs, and while he has a marketing background she wanted to learn more about how I do things with social media. Of course I said yes! It was a chance to spend time with a friend, have another person in the office on occasion, and help someone else with dreams of starting a business learn how to help it grow. So in December Karli became #SparklesTheIntern

When she's not spending her days off with me she is the Store Manager at Anthropologie at Jordan Creek Town Center. She got married last summer to Clint and together they have one four-legged child. Rizzo, named for the first baseman from her beloved Chicago Cubs, Anthony Rizzo, is a rescue from the Animal Rescue League. 

Family is one of the most important things to Karli. Whether it's attending a concert, traveling, or just hanging out on her parents' farm Karli always finds a way to make her family and her friends the center of her life. Back in our days at Maurices I loved when her Mom would stop in to see us, it's easy to see where Karli gets her personality.

I am excited for all of my clients to get to know Karli better and to have her input on HeyGiud's current projects. She has an incredible mind and is always willing to learn something new. She's been an incredible addition to HeyGiud in the few months she's been hanging out with me and figuring out how my crazy brain works when it comes to social media. She's full of surprises, you never know what she's going to come up with or do next. I mean it could seriously involve goats!

If you're interested in seeing Karli's signs you can find Q Custom Signs on Facebookand Instagram. I'm excited to see how Karli's knowledge of social media grows along with her side hustle. If you attend any FuseDSM events you'll likely get a chance to meet her as she's already making connections in the FuseDSM Non-Profit Forum. And if you're interested in taking a meeting with me and Karli you can book it online

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