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Jump Off a Cliff

I recently watched the entire series of "The West Wing" for probably the 10th time. And as I sit here writing this very first blog on this brand new website a bit of dialogue from an episode comes to mind. The episode is called "Third Day Story". Chief of Staff Leo McGarry is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack and it is clear he will not be able to return to the White House. President Bartlet is tasked with finding a new Chief of Staff, which to a President is of the utmost importance because it is someone you trust more than you trust yourself at some times. His way of asking McGarry's replacement has been ringing through my ears for the last 24 hours. 

President Bartlet: C.J., I need you to do something for me. 

CJ Cregg: What's that? 

President Bartlet: Jump off a cliff. We'll talk about it on the ride back.

I have spent the last year working for an absolutely wonderful company doing something I love immensely. I have learned more in that year than I could've dreamed. But now, it's time for me to jump off a cliff.

So here it is. Welcome to HeyGiud Communications. Your full-service Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Brand Strategy Company. Everything I'm passionate about and love. I want to be able to work with clients to help them be their best and present themselves in the best way possible through digital channels available to them.

So stay tuned...

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