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It's National Relaxation Day! #TreatYoSelf at East Village Spa

Hashtag Holidays are some of my favorite things. I make a point on celebrating them whenever I can. Whether it is #NationalPastaDay, #NationalMargaritaDay, or last week's #NationalLazyDay I am always on board for figuring out how to appropriately celebrate. Today is National Relaxation Day! This one was EXTRA enjoyable to celebrate, which I did a few days early just so I could share my experience today with you! 

Last week was a particularly stressful week. As a new business owner I am constantly trying to work on growing my business and building my brand all while trying to work on projects for current clients and gaining new ones. I have a history of chronic migraines, a back injury from a past job at a bookstore that likes to reappear and make me feel like I'm falling apart, and add to that anxiety from every day life and then some. So I decided to schedule myself a day to relax. And what better place to do that than East Village Spain the Historic East Village Neighborhood of Des Moines. My amazing friend, Cassie Sampson, owns and operates this wonderful spa, which has won several Cityview Best of Des Moines awards for six consecutive years.

Cassie and I have spoken at length about the issues that I face physically and mentally, and what types of massagewould be beneficial for me. And with the Olympics and the coverage of Cupping Therapy as part of massage I eagerly scheduled my appointment for Friday morning for my very first trip to East Village Spa and my first experience with Cupping. Cupping can be added to a massage at East Village Spa as each of their therapists are trained in the technique.

So first, a little bit about Cupping Therapy. You've seen Michael Phelps, Aly Raisman, and several other members of the USA Olympic Team receiving this therapy during the Olympics this month. According to WebMD, Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine dating back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures, where the therapist puts special cups on your skin that create a suction, the cups can be left stationary or moved around on the skin to create a massage technique. With my chronic migraines I have a lot of muscle pains as well as scar tissue from injections to help ease the pain and break a cycle of migraines. Cupping is a treatment that can help me recover and improve. I was so excited to try. Especially after watching this video that East Village Spa shared of the technique being done in their spa.

With the EV Signature Massage I was able to get a simply amazing massage that not only worked on the areas I have the most trouble, my neck, upper back, and low back, but I was able to take an hour of my week to relax in a way I don't normally. The EV Signature Massage incorporates hot stones, warm towels, a honey back mask that is absolutely heavenly, and massage pressure that ranges based on your own desires and needs. I felt relaxed and at peace for the hour. Their rooms are amazing! From the light music playing that is intended to relax you to the low lighting meant to give you the ability to close your eyes and drift away. The Cupping Therapy was out of this world awesome! There was a slight amount of pain when working on the areas of scar tissue, which I fully expected, but in general it was relaxing and made my muscles and back feel like they were fully functional for the first time in ages. If it's any sign to how great I felt after I went to the gym for the first time in what feels like a million years over the weekend because I wanted the pleasant feeling in my muscles to stay with me.

Everything about my experience at East Village Spa was the definition of relaxing. As someone who has used regular massage for treatment of my migraines over the last several years, I can say this was one of the best experiences I've had. From the comfortable waiting room and incredible employees (thank you for the wonderful massage Camdine!) to the sample of a bath salt meant to help me sleep that the sent me home with (which I can't wait to try tonight). As an added bonus: THEY GIVE CHOCOLATE WHEN YOU LEAVE! A delicious little chocolate and sea salt caramel truffle to pop in my mouth on the way out the door. If you're considering finding a way to celebrate National Relaxation Day or just scheduling a day to Treat Yo Self, schedule yourself an appointment at East Village Spa. They offer everything from massages to facials to mani/pedis in their Capital View Room. I can't wait for the next chance to visit East Village Spa and see what a regular routine of adding Cupping Therapy to my massages can do. Thank you Cassie and the staff of East Village Spa for making me feel so amazing!

Make sure to take some time for yourself today. Even if it's just a relaxing cup of tea or a hot bubble bath before bed. It's National Relaxation Day, Hashtag Holidays like this don't happen every day!

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