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HeyGiud Threw a Party!

To say that April was a big month is an understatement. I officially opened the doors to my new office. 

Yes, I've been here since February. But now I've thrown a party, cut a ribbon and covered a room in confetti so it feels a little more official.

In addition to all of that, I launched the NEW HeyGiud look. Thank you so much to Betsy Grabinski for the unbelievably beautiful logo you created me. It is simply perfect. Having someone who 'gets me' design my logo was so important. Betsy knocked it out of the park. Thank you Betsy for the logo, your friendship, and just being you.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with me. Thank you to Alyssa Leicht Photo for the incredibly gorgeous photos to remember this event with. Thank you to my family at The Barnum Factory for helping me pull this off and welcoming me with open arms. Thank you to my other family at FuseDSM for convincing me that this celebration was necessary. Thank you to my actual family for supporting me along the way as I worked to get here.

Enjoy the pictures! If you use the photos on social media please do not edit them as Alyssa brilliantly put these together. Also make sure to tag @alyssaleichtphoto, @heygiuddsm, and @thebarnumfactory on social so we can get a little giddy when a notification goes off on our phones. Also because crediting the photographer is SUPER important and if you don't know why, just ask. :) 

Thank you to everyone for helping me follow my dreams.


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