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HELP! I need somebody! (Hint: That somebody is you)

This is my current view and will be my view for the next week. No lie.

You're jealous of my view aren't you?'re not? You don't love spreadsheets? Must just be me.

So the spreadsheet is an Editorial Calendar for HeyGiud. That's shocking, right? I hope you were sitting down when you read that. As a small business owner I will openly admit that the thing I am most terrible about (other than remembering to track mileage as religiously as I should - sorry Dad) is planning and executing my own marketing. Most small business owners, especially people in social media and marketing, will reply with "same girl, same." or something similar and perhaps more grown-up/professional sounding.

It's a struggle and I'll admit it. I put everyone else's needs above mine, which makes sense. They are my paying clients. They rely on me to make sure that their social media is executed a specific way. I will always put my clients' work above mine but I often have to remind myself to schedule time to work on MY work. To open up the spreadsheet labeled "HeyGiud Editorial Calendar" and fill in the boxes with the things I should be doing and then making sure I actually DO them. So since I've got the HeyGiud Calendar open and I'm filling in the boxes I decided it was time to reach out to my audience to make sure the new ideas I'm developing for 2019 fit in with what YOU want to see.

Here's where you come in. What do you want to see?

- Instagram Stories about what my average days are like? Don't follow me on Insta? DO IT! @heygiuddsm

- More blogs to read? Give me some topics. I LOVE to write so I'd love to blog more and not just about random stuff but about things that you want to read.

- More cats? You know I won't offer less cats because they are official employees of HeyGiud. They'd riot. - The occasional picture of my dog? He would probably love that. He's a good 40% of the time.

- Features on organizations I work closely with? I am passionate about all of the clients I work with so I LOVE talking about them and what they do.

- More on the nonprofits I support and work with through FuseDSM and the Non-Profit Forum?

- Live videos where you have a chance to watch, learn and ask questions about certain topics?

- More opportunities to learn what it is that I do and why things like an Editorial Calendar can be a business owner's best friend?

- An up-to-the-minute report on what I'm listening to? If you really want that click HERE it's my Apple Music profile. You can stalk my questionable music taste. Today's been a mix of the "Today at Apple" playlist and Harry Styles. What can I say, we all have guilty pleasures and he is mine.

- Opportunities to "pick my brain"? While I hate that phrase because it's code for "You're super smart and I want to know what you know but I can get that for the price of coffee, right?" But occasionally I do actually enjoy letting people pick my brain, it helps me make sure that the sugar from the coffee and energy drinks hasn't killed all of the parts of it that are still working.

- Upcoming opportunities to network with the movers and shakers in Des Moines? I am on the Board for FuseDSM, the Chamber of Commerce in Des Moines with the largest geographic footprint and I'm often dressed semi-adult like while networking with people who don't say they play on Facebook for a living.

- Where I get my hair done? That's easy and I've actually done a blog about it (It's a Trixies Transformation!) and I go to Trixies Aveda Salon which has three convenient locations to anywhere in the metro.

- Online resources that can help you navigate the tricky world of social media?

- The tools I use to develop content for clients? I openly admit I am not a graphic designer and the simple act of opening Photoshop gives me anxiety and makes me want to throw my computer. There's a lot of tools out there for people like me and I'm happy to share them.

- Updates on my adventures in pilates. Yes, you read that correctly. The girl who basically considered napping physical activity is doing pilates. Thank you Rachel and Kneeling Cat Pilates for making me realize I'm not a total klutz, just like 75% klutz.

- Live Videos featuring people other than me! Could be marketing professionals, cool people, my cat.

- Updates on my life and what I am doing outside of work. I have an amazing family and consider being the daughter of Joy, Rick, and Shari, the sister of Tony, the sister-in-law of Megan, and perhaps most importantly the Aunt to Gigi and Ricky the best job titles I have.

Let me know what you want to see in the future! I have created social media platforms and a website not just to connect with current and prospective clients but as a way to be a resource to the community. Feel free to email me your ideas ( or leave them as a comment here or on my Facebook! If I get some really awesome answers I just might pick a few of them and provide the 2019 Editorial Calendar along with a session that teaches you the benefits of an Editorial Calendar for free! Everyone likes free stuff, right?

Here's to a productive December, perhaps a few days off to enjoy the holidays and rest up for a busy and awesome 2019! If you need help making sure that your 2019 kicks off the right way, connect with me and we can get a free consultation on the schedule.

Check Ya Later!


Oh and if you have a suggestion on how I end these blogs that doesn't sound so incredibly dumb I'd appreciate that too. I'll give you a high five!

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