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Happy Social Media Managers Day!

Happy Social Media Managers Day! Did you think I would miss the chance to miss the day made for ME? HA! Not a chance.

I wish I could say I spent this day relaxing and doing anything but the work of a Social Media Manager. I didn't. Instead I've been at my desk working on designs, scheduling, strategy, engagement and all of the things that go into being a social media manager. If I couldn't spend the day off and relaxing it's the next best way because honestly, I love my job. I am so grateful for the clients who trust me with helping them develop their social media presence. It's a close working relationship and honestly so many of my clients have become like friends or even family to me.

I want to also take a moment to recognize all of the other Social Media Managers out there. It may seem to everyone looking in from the outside like we get to play on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for a living. But we all know that the reality is more than just learning the latest TikTok dance or watching Reels. It's a lot of hard work that can be incredibly exhausting, despite that fact that we literally sit at a desk most days. I see you. You deserve a break, even if you won't take one. Stay hydrated, grab a snack, stand up and stretch, and make sure you take care of yourself.

Burnout is high among people working in social for a lot of reasons. So check on your friends who do this for a living, while our jobs may seem like a lot of fun, and they really are I promise, they are also stressful, time consuming, and can cause a lot of anxiety.

Always remember these few things:

- We don't get paid to play on Facebook all day, I swear. It's only like 90% of the day...kidding.

- Those angry comments left, we answer those.

- Those viral posts, we spend hours trying to capture lightning in a bottle and often fall short. We then have to try to explain to people that we can't just click a button to make a post go viral because a lot of people don't understand our jobs.

- Those posts that go unliked, we spend our days trying to develop a plan and our nights lying awake wondering why it didn't get the engagement we thought it would.

- That social media sabbatical you're taking because you're tired of seeing the vitriol in a comments section or the hate from existing during such divisive times or even just because you want to be present in your life while you enjoy that fabulous vacation. We are all green with envy wishing we could sign off for even a full weekend.

- For those of us who are freelancers, we also often open our email boxes in the morning while holding our breath. Our income isn't guaranteed. A change in staffing or a budget can mean a project we've given our blood, sweat and tears to is gone as fast as it takes a client to hit send. As for that metaphor, I've shed a lot of tears of clients. Some were tears of joy and pride, some of anxiety and fear, and some of heartbreak. I've sweat for a few clients too, outdoor events in the middle of summer can be brutal. I don't think I've shed blood for a client...yet.

I love my job. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful that this is the life I am lucky enough to live. I get to do something I'm passionate about every day, which is helping small businesses and non-profits grow. I honestly have the best job in the world so I'm celebrating that today.

Now back to my to do list.

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