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February, What a Month!

There may only be 28 days in February but I made the most of them! February was a huge month for me personally and for HeyGiud.

I celebrated my 34th trip around the sun.

I moved HeyGiud out of the dining room and into it's very first office. 

I helped my friends at the Des Moines East and South Chamber of Commerce transition into the FuseDSM era.

I signed a few new clients.

And that's just part of everything that went on around here!

It has been quite the adventure and I can promise you that my desk is no longer that well organized! Moving into The Barnum Factory was a dream come true. Or more accurately, a dream I didn't know I had come true. Breanne, The Barnum Factory Curator, and I have been toying with the idea of HeyGiud having a home inside The Factory since May of 2017 and it was finally the right time. It is a decision I haven't once regretted, even the nights that I've been here until midnight...yes that has happened more than once. The community inside The Factory is always buzzing with creative energy and has welcomed me with open arms. February was a great month to move in with things like the Rebel Art Alliance's Bazaar after Dark, a few photoshoots, and a music video shoot with local hardcore band Too Pure To Die all taking place here this month. Here are a few shots from Too Pure To Die's video shoot, it's been ages since I saw this band live and the chance to watch them during this creative process was truly an honor.

Currently March and April show no signs of slowing down. Everything from events with FuseDSM, a few new projects, expansion on a few current projects, and a Grand Opening will keep me busy in the months ahead.

Yes, you read that right. A Grand Opening. Doing social media often allows me to remain the behind the scenes girl. Always behind a computer, iPhone or camera I have been able to eliminate many of the occasions that require me to be the center of attention, especially since I'm no longer chair of the Firestarters. My family and friends all decided I need to step out from behind the screen and have a chance to enjoy the huge milestone I just experienced. And they are all right, it is important for me to enjoy this moment and celebrate it with everyone who helped me get here. For more information you reach out to me by email at annie@heygiuddsm.comor you can find the event on Facebook here:

Now it's time to get to work to make sure that the success of February continues into March!

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