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A Very Special #TuesdayTunes - 7.12.16

Today's #TuesdayTunes is EXTRA special. Today is my niece, G's 4th birthday. She's full of spunk and spark, smarter than she should be, and a ray of sunshine in my life. The photo is her from the Fourth of July decked out in one of her favorite things, glow bracelets and necklaces. She's got a knack for performing already and today's song choice is her favorite to perform for any audience. 

If you were to ask her what her favorite song is she would likely tell you "Firework" by Kerry Perry. It's cute that she thinks it's Kerry and not Katy. While the song has a bit of an earworm quality I love knowing that she is growing up with such an anthem as part of her life. A song that teaches her how to believe in herself and know that she is able to do anything. That the spark in her is bright enough to light even the darkest night. For her to know that she is going to grow in to a girl that is capable of changing the world and a woman is going to change the world is important. Little girls need to grow up knowing their worth and their strength. And this little girl is worth the world's weight in diamonds and is strong enough to carry the universe on her shoulders. 

The day she was born my life changed. She may not be my child but she is one of the two most important people in the world to me along with her little brother. I knew the moment I first looked in her eyes that I needed to be strong and capable to be a good example for her and be someone she could be proud to call her Aunt.

My little bird, you will always have a friend, ally, and protector in me. I'm here for you whenever you need me. Being able to watch you grow up and in to the brilliant four year old that you are has been an honor. I love you Birdie, this song is for you. You're my little firework.

Don't forget to subscribe to the playlist on Apple Music  and Spotify. You can also buy the song on Amazon as a digital download, the Teenage Dream CDor on vinyl. However you choose to listen to it give it a listen and remember that there is a spark inside of all of us to light the dark nights and make us all who we are.

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